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As specialists in Dance, Drama, and Filmmaking we applaud your passion for the stage! Take your creativity one step further and join us to explore the incredible world of performing arts through travel. Craft your pupil’s performance, precision movement, audience command, and more while exploring the history and origins of some of the most influential art forms.  

Inspire your students with destination options throughout Europe, the Americas and beyond. With a wide range of carefully researched, top quality workshops and performance-based tours, the world is your stage. Our attention to detail, specialist technical input, precise tour itineraries, and complete support means you can be confident your group is set up for an unforgettable experience! 

Travel opens a world of inspiration for students in the arts, transforming their creativity through cultural immersion and real-world experiences that ignite passion and fuels artistic growth.



Hollywood Drama

Times Square

New York:

NYC Art & Design

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